My wish for you,

is that you can have EMOTIONAL

Luis Etty Meng Tyler
Luis Etty Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer


Hello my name is Luis!

My story starts out the same as we all did. Searching for our TRUE passion. After living and studying in California, USA. Inspired by my FRIENDS and FAMILY, I left my career as a marketer to focus in the things that I LOVE…

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our relationship


Like many decisions we make in life, my purpose is that you have images that may continue to be relevant in the coming years. My job is to document great moments for you so, that you can remember them.

I have a different VISION about how a wedding STORY should be TOLD.

My work is not about the dress, the location or the details. What’s more important is about human relationships, your family, your friends and the people who relate with you.
For me, wedding photography is something that should not be forced.

You and I must FEEL FREE to be who WE ARE.

I want to document NATURAL and PERSONAL moments.
Document the AUTHENTIC emotions
I want to show your story.

I am here for couples who want something different.